Body Treatments

All services start at listed prices.

Body Treatments –  60 Minutes

Yonka Phyto-Marine……….$129
slimming body treatment with seaweed and marine mud. specially designed to target stubborn areas of cellulite. half hour massage included.

Yonka Phyto-Fermete……….$129
firming and lifting body treatment. a true anti-aging body booster. this deliciously aromatic treatment provides an unprecedented lifting effect for the entire body, which seems to reshape itself with firmer, denser skin that feels incomparably smooth and soft. half hour massage included.

Yonka Hydralessence Body……….$129
long-lasting, deep hydrating treatment. a major treatment for hydration and comfort. hydrating exfoliation with massage brittany algae mask. massage with triple concentrate. hydrating, nourishing and firming.

Yonka Flash Soleil – Sun Kiss……….$129
golden hue body-facial treatment in less than no time. this splendid anti-aging self tanning will metamorphose the pallor of your face and body into a heavenly golden hue. all-over, skin feels velvet soft, radiantly colored, and strikingly healthy. half hour massage included.

Body Treatment Enhancements


All body treatments include a complimentary Lait Corps body lotion.
Please do not shave 24 hours before treatment.