Luxurious Spa Packages

Whether it is a gift for yourself or for a friend or family member. De Beauté provides the perfect refuge from the rigors of life. Our consultants will assist you in choosing from a selection of packages to suit your needs and your schedule.

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  • body-lotion

    Firming Treatment


    This treatment will firm your skin and prevent loss of elasticity. Exfoliation will be followed with four unique firming products that are applied to your skin in layers with long flowing strokes and naturally self heated lava shells creating a unique massage experience.

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  • man_massage2

    For Men Only


    Begin with a complimentary steam shower, our LE GRAND CLASSIQUE Back and Facial Treatment will soothe and hydrate your skin. Enjoy the BODY MASSAGE of your choice before your PEDICURE and MANICURE.

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  • massage

    Herbal Blossom


    Your mind and body will be soothed as you are wrapped in derma- fleece sheets infused with the herbal blossoms of your choice of orange, rose, lavender or chamomile. Your therapist will use various massage techniques where pressure is applied to the muscles creating the releasing of herbs onto the skin. Finish your treatment with an application of hydrating moisturizer.

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  • mudback

    Silky Smooth


    Start your silky smooth experience by being exfoliated with Dead Sea salts to prepare your skin for the satin smooth crème wrap. Then indulge yourself with three different massage techniques for full body using butter crème. Your skin will feel like it has just been renewed and reborn.

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